Helping People Find their Place

Our approach is modeled after the Air Force slogan: “Integrity First, Service over self, Excellence in all we do”. Always working to serve others before ourselves to help a renter become a buyer, a buyer become a seller, and a seller become an investor.

Our experience includes knowledge in new construction, flipping properties, building rental portfolios, and buying and selling single-family homes in the Wichita Falls area. We help tenants prepare their rental applications, gather documents and information to make the top of the application list, and help tenants prepare their plans. Plus, we also help owners decide whether to list or rent their property.

My real estate approach passion comes from my personal life. I deeply believe in walking alongside people as they journey through life. It brings me joy to be able to know I get to provide positivity, support, and organization through each chapter of my life. For fifteen years, I have headed women’s ministries at a local church. And my husband and I helped married couples. We’ve also led children’s ministries for 10 years for large congregations. We have an understanding of the importance of guiding families toward a successful and bright future. It starts with us.

I am a mother to three beautiful girls. I’m also a wife to the love of my life of 26 years. I believe it’s an honor to be the one who helps people find their place, in every interpretation of the term. That’s why my motto is, “Helping People Find Their Place.” Walking alongside people in their journey is where I am strongest. That’s why I love doing what I do. My family and I are building our staff and team to serve our community and to help each one reach their goals. We are where the ripple effect begins.

Effective Communication

Experience prompt communication through Buildium or our dedicated phone system.

Income Stability

Our team carefully selects responsible renters. Plus, we charge a 10% fee for any late payments.

Superior Service

Our commitment drives us to provide outstanding service. Trust us to help you achieve your real estate goals.